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Category: Equestrian tourism

Il viaggio che cambia

Cavallo, turismo e sostenibilità
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Fieracavalli Horse Digital Days

Live streaming talk shows, interviews and on-demand content scheduled 5-8 November for the online community of 200,000 enthusiasts
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The Pre-Alps Way

From Garda to Cansiglio and as far as Fieracavalli 2020
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An outing with a donkey

When haste and superficiality takes us away from the essence of life, the donkey - a slow animal with sure and measured steps - encourages us to look with peaceful and penetrating eyes at the essential things around us to bring well-being into our lives.
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Munich-Verona: see you again in 2021

The appointment with the equestrian raid between Verona and Munich has been postponed for health safety reasons.
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Paola Giacomini: “Being a woman helped me. I was never afraid in Mongolia”

Paola Giacomini talks about herself at Fieracavalli - another stop-off along a 9,000 km journey with a message of peace
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The “Munich – Verona 2020” raid presented at Fieracavalli 2019

The equestrian raid returns in 2020 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the twinning of the two cities
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Franco Aliprandi: a trip to Verona

Arrival at destination!
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Workshops and stories about the protagonists of the equestrian world.
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Paola Giacomini: from Mongolia to Fieracavalli 2019

The equestrian traveller talks about her last solo adventure.
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