A new combination becomes the protagonist at Fieracavalli: ‘’Arte e Cavallo’’, which translates to Art and Horses.

The equestrian world tightens a strong link with the artistic expression and gives life to Art & Cavallo, an exhibition of contemporary art with an equestrian theme, to enhance the figure of the horse and the relationship between humans and this beautiful animal. Born in 2019, the art exhibition curated by the architect Federica Crestani, elects the horse as a true work of art. After the success of the first edition, Art & Cavallo is also renewed for the 2020 edition and will feature numerous artists, including some of international fame.

Art&Cavallo 2019

Fieracavalli renews its bond with art
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Art&Cavallo 2020

Torna il salone d’arte equestre di Fieracavalli
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Equiarte: art and the extraordinary relationship with the horse to help the weak

A new project promoted by Fieracavalli is born that combines art therapy with assisted therapy with horses
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Fieracavalli gets going again with art and ... all of you!
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Horses in the history of Sicily amidst art, culture and traditions

Fieracavalli hosts the terracotta head of a horse dating from V century B.C.
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Canova’s horse at Fieracavalli

This year, the relationship at Fieracavalli between Art and Horses becomes stronger than ever.
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Fieracavalli presents its new advertising & promotion campaign

Horses as a Masterpiece of Nature
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Fieracavalli welcomes back the appointment with equestrian art

Sculpture-paintings by Federica Crestani on show in Hall 8
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