A new combination becomes the protagonist at Fieracavalli: ‘’Arte e Cavallo’’, which translates to Art and Horses.

The equestrian world tightens a strong link with the artistic expression and gives life to Art & Cavallo, an exhibition of contemporary art with an equestrian theme, to enhance the figure of the horse and the relationship between humans and this beautiful animal. Born in 2019, the art exhibition curated by the architect Federica Crestani, elects the horse as a true work of art. After the success of the first edition, Art & Cavallo is also renewed for the 2020 edition and will feature numerous artists, including some of international fame.

124^ edition of Fieracavalli presented during the Tuscany Tour

Four days of equestrian passion, sport, breeder shows adn spectacle from 3rd to 6th November 2022
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Giardino dei Tigli: the power of art in overcoming disabilities

An Art Therapy workshop for guests of the “Giardino dei Tigli” community in Altavilla Vicentina visiting Fieracavalli today.
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See you at the124th edition of Fieracavalli from 3th to 6th November 2022!

Closed the 123th edition of Fieracavalli. 100,000 visitors over two weekend
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Everything ready for the second round

Fieracavalli gets going again with another weekend of equestrian passion dedicated to western disciplines, Arabian thoroughbreds and the Iberian and Friesian horse show
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Winners of the international Art&Cavallo competition announced

Art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, attending the award ceremony, commented on all the works on show in the exhibition and spoke briefly about the figure of horses in the history of art
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Art&Cavallo 2021 – Artists SCULPTURE

Discover the artists!
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