The best specimens in the world are found in Fieracavalli.

About 3,000 specimens of over 60 breeds belonging to the various genealogical books, from the Arabian, American, Iberian, Frisian horse, up to all the Italian breeds. CAI-TPR, Haflinger, Maremmani, Bardigiani, Sanfratellani, Pony of Esperia, Tolfetani, Murgesi, Norci, Micci Amiatini and Ragusan or Martina Franca donkeys. Last but not least, the American Breeds: Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Paint and Quarabs, to represent the morphological and attitudinal characteristics of overseas horses. A world of horses to be discovered.


At Fieracavalli, promoted by MIPAAF, an hall dedicated to the Italian Saddle Horse
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A tour of Italian breeds!

Take a virtual tour of Italy in the saddle without moving outside the exhibition centre?
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Friesian Horses

The Black Pearls of Friesland at Fieracavalli.
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Lusitanian Thoroughbreds

The heart of Portugal at Fieracavalli
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Donkeys: the long-eared friend of man

"There is no donkey more donkey than a farmer without a donkey"
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Criollo Horses

Strong and versatile horses with a South American soul
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3rd Fiera Mediterranea del Cavallo

Ambelia starts off again under the hallmark of sicilian traditions and equestrian culture
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Il viaggio che cambia

Cavallo, turismo e sostenibilità
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Fieracavalli Horse Digital Days

Live streaming talk shows, interviews and on-demand content scheduled 5-8 November for the online community of 200,000 enthusiasts
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Quarab horse

A perfect synthesis of intelligence, beauty and strength
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Equitation & awareness at Fieracavalli with RAIDHO and FISE Veneto

RAIDHO Healing Horses: once again this year, the method devised by trainer Alexandra Rieger returns to Verona alongside FISE Veneto
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Hall 3 – MIPAAF

Hall 3 will host the finals of the "Free Jumping", "Obedience and Gait" and "Morpho-Aptitudinal Circuit".
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