Equestrian tourism

To rediscover the beauty of Italy and slow holidays, equestrian tourism takes center stage at Fieracavalli. A slow and ecological equestrian tourism, in contact with nature, riding a splendid animal. We are ready to go… with the suitcase in the saddle!

Discover the world with a horse

Did you know that in Italy there are 120,000 equestrian tourism enthusiasts? And that in total - from north to south - are 7,000 kilometers of itineraries dedicated to this new way of traveling?
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Horseback Guide to Italy

The first guide dedicated to equestrian tourism has the Fieracavalli hallmark
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An outing with a donkey

When haste and superficiality takes us away from the essence of life, the donkey - a slow animal with sure and measured steps - encourages us to look with peaceful and penetrating eyes at the essential things around us to bring well-being into our lives.
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124^ edition of Fieracavalli presented during the Tuscany Tour

Four days of equestrian passion, sport, breeder shows adn spectacle from 3rd to 6th November 2022
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Slow tourism as a choice

Appointment in the Fieracavalli Forum Area dedicated to tourism and local area promotion
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See you at the124th edition of Fieracavalli from 3th to 6th November 2022!

Closed the 123th edition of Fieracavalli. 100,000 visitors over two weekend
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Everything ready for the second round

Fieracavalli gets going again with another weekend of equestrian passion dedicated to western disciplines, Arabian thoroughbreds and the Iberian and Friesian horse show
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Nature on horseback: from the Pre-Alps to the Apennines

Fascinating experiences of equestrian tourism alo0ng The Way of the Pre-Alps and Dante's Way
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The new “Cavalli in Villa” project

Horses as standard bearers of culture and economy to promote local areas
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