November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

4 November 2022

Manuela Arcuri godmother of the evening dedicated to the fundraising campaign Riding the Blue -A horse for a friend

Yesterday saw the first edition of Riding The Blue Charity Dinner & Gala, the charity event supporting the crowdfunding campaign “Riding the Blue – A horse for a friend”. The fundraising – promoted by Fieracavalli and EY Foundation involving various realities, including FISE, AOVR Hospital and ANGSA as recipients of the collection – during the evening, thanks to donations from the 7 Golden Donors and those present, reached over € 28,000.

Many celebrities espoused the campaign’s cause. Illustrious godmother of the evening dedicated to the charity campaign and supporter of the project Manuela Arcuri.

Together with Fieracavalli event manager Armando di Ruzza, EY Foundation secretary general Tiziana Dell’Orto and Professor Leonardo Zoccante, child neuropsychiatrist and scientific referee of Riding the Blue, Manuela presented the project and fundraising aimed at the recognition of Horse-Assisted Interventions by the National Health Service as a practice for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder in children. All proceeds will be used to support the project – co-ordinated by Professor Leonardo Zoccante and promoted by Fieracavalli destined to change the therapeutic fate of thousands of children and young people affected by autism – and, in particular, to support the costs of sessions for children in the 7-8 years and 15-16 years age groups in Italy.

Manuela, who said she has always loved horses, explains how her relationship with these animals changed thanks to her son Mattia, 8 years old. ‘I learnt to love horses thanks to him, who has been riding for two years. I have seen how much he has changed thanks to his relationship with horses. He has more self-confidence, he is more responsible because knowing how to handle a horse is not easy. The relationship you create with the animal is wonderful,’ he says. “This is the first time for me at Fieracavalli. I find it wonderful, very organised. I have been to the one in Rome but this one is really the top, it is huge and there is really everything. If you go into the fair loving horses you come out loving them. There are so many of them and everywhere, very well looked after, and you have the chance to experience first-hand what it means to deal with them’.