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Art&Cavallo 2019

2 September 2019

Fieracavalli renews its bond with art

Fieracavalli 2019 welcomes back the appointment with art and the world of horses.

Art&Cavallo is an exhibition of contemporary art with an equestrian theme; it seeks to promote the status of horses and the relationship between people and these beautiful animals.

Architect Federica Crestani, having already created the Fieracavalli 2019 campaign with her works “Horses of Water, Earth, Air and Fire”, is the curator of the exhibition, where horses as the undisputed protagonists will be highlighted as a genuine work of art.

Hall 8 – in the prestigious context of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup and the Gold Gala – will also host a corner dedicated to art, where the central theme of the event (the 4 elements – fire, earth, air and water) takes shape through FIRE.

Selected artists will then be the protagonists of Art&Cavallo at Fieracavalli 2019, scheduled 7-10 November!

Here below some artists selected:



Bénédicte Gelé is a French artist who, after training in visual communication and graphic design, moved into the world of horses in 2004 driven by an overwhelming passion. Exploiting her drawing skills, she began experimenting with various artistic techniques – watercolours, charcoal, acrylics, chalks and oil paints – and devoted her efforts to a single subject: horses. The distinctive feature of the works of this artist is her study of horses in all their physicality to depict them as living beings in movement with all their dynamic forms and volumes.



Davide dall’Osso is Italian and began his artistic career by dedicating himself to the world of acting. After graduating as a stage actor, his passion for theatre, dance and the visual arts quickly encouraged him to focus on interplay between these languages, at the same time as stimulating him to investigate the body, space and matter. In particular, the figure of horses particular struck his expressiveness̀. In fact, this artist identifies the “spiritual impulses” of Man of his times in the strong physicality of horses. His works are characterized by wide-ranging material research: galvanized iron, copper and brass transformed as if by “alchemy” into delicate bodies of light and crystals through to the fusion of plastic materials on metals and clay, whereby he can suspend transparent figures in the air so that light, striking and passing through them, gives rises to a condition of continuous metamorphosis.



Irene Meniconi is an artist from Tuscany and a graduate in Fine Arts. The undisputed protagonists of her creations are animals – especially horses. Her personal artistic research is the outcome of technical and psychological approaches and finds expression in works using mixed technique that are unified by careful and characteristic pen drawing. Her artistic expression is based on lines and drawing to reproduce the exterior at the same time as revealing the interior appearance of everything. The artist, in her works, constantly strives towards balance between opposites: macro and micro, interior and exterior, dark and bright.

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