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Art&Cavallo 2020 – Artists – Photography

22 November 2020

Discover the artists


Giulia Gazzolo – Technique: photography. Giulia Gazzolo was born in 1997, in Piacenza and she came in the equestrian world when she was 10. In 2019, as thesis project for IED Photography graduation, she decided to create a collection of pictures and texts, showing what the word “duo” means to her. She told about three girls who were able to create a relationship with their horses based on love, trust and respect, becoming the “safe place” to each other. Through 35 film photos printed in a darkroom by the artist and bounded with her horse’s mane, “Something Human” is a book dedicated to anyone who see in his/her own horse a life partner.

Marika Ramunno – Technique: photography. Marika Ramunno, born in Puglia (Italy) 1991, she is a visual storyteller. Her personal path is focused on the relationship between human being and nature. She also founded a photo magazine called “Ombra Magazine”. She was absolutely fascinated and passionate about horses and had already spent years on a saddle when she knew photography. In this way she is trying to link photography to horses, telling stories about this relationship. The exposed work comes from a photographic project “Relationship” that shows, through images, this relation.

Maria Shutova – Technique: photography. Maria Shutova has Russian origins, but lives and works in Italy. Deep knowledge of the horses and daily living with them allows her to perfectly capture the character of each of them in every shot! She mainly photographs equine portraits, telling the soul of the horse. Another passion of hers is to photograph the horse with its owner, and she is very good at conveying the bond of the pair, which you cannot see with the naked eye, but the camera captures it in a second, thus giving emotions to the viewer.