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Art&Cavallo Lab

22 November 2021

The results of the Fieracavalli and Santa Giuliana Hospital project to help adolescents with psychiatric disorders outlined

Art and Horses: a perfect combination even for in overcoming difficulties. This concept, the awareness of many experts working in the health sector with experience of the benefits of horse-assisted therapy were the starting  point for the Art&Cavallo Lab project, the result of a memorandum of understanding signed last spring between Fieracavalli and Santa Giuliana Hospital.


Art&Cavallo Lab is the first step in a protocol to help adolescents with psychiatric disorders which aims to promote conferences, training in schools and interaction between people and horses of a preventive, educational and therapeutic nature.

The workshop involved 40 young people in the Teenagers Department of Santa Giuliana Hospital integrated activity with horses, coordinated by Dr. Michele Marconi, with art workshops directed by architect Federica Crestani, curator of the Art&Cavallo equestrian art exhibition at Fieracavalli.

The youngsters were involved in a cycle of ten daily sessions between July and October in the stables of Corte Molon in Verona. The day programme enabled them to live the equestrian experience in the morning through assisted intervention with horses, and in the afternoon attend the art workshop during which they were encouraged to represent the experiences and sensations that emerged from contact with the noble animal through individual pictorial work and a group collage.


At Fieracavalli, today Saturday 13, Dr. Amedeo Bezzetto, psychologist in charge of the adolescent area at Santa Giuliana, Dr. Michele Marconi and architect Federica Crestani illustrated the results of the Art&Cavallo Lab project and presented the collective work of the young people involved in the project to the general public attending the Horse Show.



Come and discover, until Sunday 14, the work of these teenagers and the Art&Cavallo Lab in Hall 2 as part of the main Art&Cavallo exhibition!