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Art&Cavallo 2020 – Artists – Painting

22 November 2020

Discover the artists

The equestrian world of Fieracavalli tightens a strong link with the artistic expression and gives life to Art & Cavallo, an exhibition of contemporary art with an equestrian theme, to enhance the figure of the horse and the relationship between humans and this beautiful animal. Born in 2019, the art exhibition curated by the architect Federica Crestani, elects the horse as a true work of art. After the success of the first edition, Art &Cavallo is also renewed for the 2020 edition becoming a real contest and will feature numerous artists, including some of international fame.

Discover with us all the artists!


Andrea Baleri –  Technique: tempera on paper. Andrea Baleri’s works are part of a very contemporary artistic current, where painting is no longer a means to represent something, but a gesture of expressiveness, an essential graphic sign. With decisive touches, color animates the organization of the whole. Sudden snapshot, perception of instinct, its trait signals an overflow of feelings, a great emotional intensity, sometimes a perceptual dissonance but always an infinite joy of living.

Luca Dall’Omo – Technique: acrylic on jute. Luca Dall’Omo was born on 9 May 1967 in Verona. Renowned painter and pastry chef, winner of numerous international awards, endowed with an explosive temperament that translates coherently into his chaotic, lapidary, sincere and extremely energetic painting. In 2017 he crossed in his path a very particular Horse, his name is Confusion. A relationship of deep understanding is created where the bizarre sweetness of Confusion and the creative madness of Luca become the ideal space to generate a largesized painting, completely inspired by the balance between the two. Dall’Omo naturally builds his own style by pouring it onto large canvases that he consumes without pause. He continues his artistic production uninterruptedly until today, drawing at night or whenever it is possible to release his inexhaustible impulse.

Francesca Di Giovanni – Technique: Acrylic. Inherits from her parents the love for horses that has always partnered her with all her life choices. She was born and raised up to the age of 22 in the widest Italian breeding of Camargue Delta horses and bulls. Together with her husband, they move towards the entertainment world where they combine their equestrian, choreographic and artistic skills.She takes part in the most important European equestrian events. Today she manages the “Scuola Italiana di Equitazione Classica” in Travagliato where she teaches Horse Riding and Vaulting. Another great passion of hers is to paint her life fellows.

Bénédicte Gelé – Technique: acrylic on plaster and canvas. Bénédicte Gelé is a French artist of the expressions. Attracted to horses since she’s little without knowing why exactly, she’s finally found out that horse was the mirror of her own emotions and by extension the spectator’s. This unconscious choice of this animal is not a coincidence as horses are the essence of the minimalist expressions due to his prey status. Every kind of emotions or expressions are expressed with subtlety & finesse through they body, eyes, nostrils & more. This is these kind of subtle expressions that Gelé seeks to translate (and not the hears too obvious to understand for equestrians people) by means of a modern writing with the line, textures & glacis.

Michi Grassi – Technique: oil on canvas. Michi Grassi, I grew up artistically under the guidance of my father Franco, who was also a painter, and then I refined my technique as a self-taught artist initially and then by taking courses taught by great masters of hyperrealism. My interest in horses began by observing a work by Caravaggio in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome, while looking at the painting “The Conversion of St. Paul” which particularly moved me. From that moment on I approached the equestrian world, wandering around racetracks and riding clubs, getting to know my subjects personally and falling in love day by day with these beautiful animals that I try to tell.

Anastasiia Kharchenko – Technique: realism. “Horses for me are the embodiment of freedom, beauty and strength. Loving horses does not mean adoring sitting in the saddle and pulling the reins. This means seeing his inner world in this free animal. There is a big difference between a love of horseback riding and a love of the horse. From my childhood I was attracted by these powerful animals. I drew them in my children’s albums. I dreamed of my horse. After 25 years , I realized my dream. He appeared – my Friesian horse. It was him who inspired me to paint this picture..”

Jana Künzler – Technique: acrylic on paper and canvas. “My art is characterized by simplicity. Its focus lies in the expression of the horses, which is portrayed solely through their silhouettes and the structure of the artwork. Their body language speaks for itself. I want to emphasize the magnificent aura of these animals – their elegance, energy, pride, and willfulness which I have experienced with them ever since. My artwork captures moments of these majestic animals in motion. Trapped within these moments, they try to escape from their two-dimensional frames and unleash their energy through the observer’s eye.”

Cristiana Messina – Technique: oil on canvas. C. Messina (1991) is a visual artist living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland. Originally from Italy, Cristiana has followed the artistic path since a very young age. She combines art with a strong passion for horses, managing to pursue both paths. She published her first Children picture book “ Meli Yang Ceria” in Singapore in 2016. After being working in the equestrian sector, she realised that her vision is more for a natural management of the animal, and that pushed her in the last few years to represent on canvas what the horse is in nature, especially after her experience in Mongolia (2019).

Gioele Ossola – Technique: oil on canvas. “I’m Gioele Ossola, a nineteen boy and this year I will start the Academy of fine arts in Bergamo. Drawing and Art have always been among my greatest passions, and they have intensified more and more. Thanks to my parents in 2017 I approached horse riding. From that moment horses entered not only in my life but also in my Art. I love to paint the horse for enhance its elegance and majesty but also the relationship and empathy which is created between man and horse, and I was inspired by this for my painting.”

Carlo Romiti – Technique: soils on canvas. Carlo Romiti has been painting for years with the lands he has been looking for himself. The painting begins at the very moment when he scraped a bank and, with his hand, collected the first handfuls of earth in the same places described by Cennino Cennini in “Il libro dell’Arte”. The use of this technique of ancient painting tradition finds confirmation in the environment and in the choices of the artist’s life, in the countryside between San Gimignano and Volterra. His horses, his dogs and in the nearby woods roe deer and wild boar are, together with the landscape, his favourite subjects and the means to rediscover the ancestral part that is in each of us.

Lois Rottonara (Rott) – Technique: oil on canvas. The artworks by ROTT are expression of his versatile artistic skills. Inspired by the elegance and the strength of horses he uses intense colors and powerful contrasts to express beauty, passion and emotion in his unmistakable style of the underlined profiles.