November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

6 April 2022

Quarab horse

A perfect synthesis of intelligence, beauty and strength

The Quarab horse is an example that combines the talent and qualities of the breeds from which it derives: the intelligence, the beauty of an Arab, the solidity and strength of a Quarter Horse and the exclusive coat of a Paint Horse.

The first official documentation on a Quarab dates back to 1953 when, in the United States of America “Indraff”, an Arabian stallion, and “Cotton Girl”, a Quarter Horse, spawned the “Indy Sue” filly.

Over time, more and more lovers of the Quarter Horse and Arabian breeds have grasped in the Quarab a perfect combination between the solidity and the psychic balance of the Quarter and the resistance and intelligence of the Arabs. The recognition and consolidation of Quarab as a separate breed was therefore the natural next step.

Suitable for both English and Western riding, it is able to compete in disciplines ranging from Dressage to Reining, from Endurance to Western Pleasure.

In 2006 the Italian Quarab Horse Association (AICQA) was founded and recognized by IQHA as an affiliate, founded to promote knowledge of the Quarab horse in Italy.

In 2012, AICQA established the Italian Register of Quarab Breed Horse and since 2013 has extended the registration offer to all Quarab breed horses residing abroad that do not have a reference association in their country.

Come and discover the AICQA association and its splendid horses in Fieracavalli!