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“Carabinieri are born in the saddle”

22 November 2021

An exciting equestrian carousel and patrols around the show halls

  1. The first War of Italian Independence was underway when – with the battle cry “Pastrengo” 280 cavalry of the “War Squadrons” of the Royal Carabinieri Corps of King Carlo Alberto of Savoy drew their sabres and charged three times as many Austrian adversaries.

The Charge of Pastrengo – a town just a few kilometres from Verona – is today re-enacted by the Squadron Group of the IV Carabinieri Horseback Regiment in their historic Carousel with an imposing charge with their unsheathed, glittering sabres and the turquoise blue and red colours of the historic uniform of the Carabinieri.

The Carabinieri Horseback Regiment is a long-standing attraction at Fieracavalli. As Colonel Francesco Chiaravallotti, Commander of the IV Carabinieri Horseback Regiment, said from the stands in Hall 8 just before the display: “Carabinieri are born on in the saddle”.

An equestrian carousel is staged at Fieracavalli with an exquisitely military character. An alternation of fast passages, from the closed ranks to scattered order, as when troops in combat seek to adapt to the terrain and the needs of defensive and offensive tactics. Trotting, galloping and an incessant alternation of figures performed to the urgent rhythm of the music, with horses executing every imperceptible command learnt during training guided by the expert hands of the Carabinieri.

In keeping with tradition, the equestrian carousel, horseback tours around the exhibition centre and the City of Verona are also joined by several patrols checking spaces every day for the safety and peace of mind of visitors.

Moreover, tomorrow – Sunday 14 – the Carabinieri will also place a wreath in homage to the fallen in Piazza Bra.