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Enea Ferroni: love of horses in freedom

7 November 2021

A special saddle to overcome obstacles and dream about reining

With his great passion for horses, Enea Ferroni returns to Fieracavalli in the saddle of his faithful Apache.

Enea has suffered from quadriparesis from birth. His passionate admiration for the world of horses began while very young. A great love, which he first shared with a donkey named Jack and now with his horse and inseparable friend Apache.

After two Parelli training courses, with Franco Girani and Eric Berlanda, and a degree in Zootechnical Sciences of animal reproduction, Enea today makes horse riding his main interest, creating a personal bond with his animals which he lives on a daily basis in the garden of his home. A special relationship which is immediately evident to everyone who meets him and sees him riding a horse.

His special saddle with back support enables him to ride unassisted and guide the horse. Enea performs in Hall 1, demonstrating to everyone that passion can be the driving force for overcoming obstacles and difficulties.

Yet Enea’s path in the equitation world certainly does not end here! He still has many dreams and goals: from opening an automated riding school to turn his passion into work to motivate disabled people like him – “because everyone must believe in their abilities, because they can do it just like I did” – through to the dream of reining competitions.

One more step towards achieving the goals that Enea has set for himself also takes the shape of the new saddle currently being designed for him in collaboration with Fise and Inail to make it more comfortable for him and the horse alike.