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Equestrian theatre for social redemption

5 November 2021

Fieracavalli will host the show that came into being thanks to the project set in motion by Horse Valley - Corte Molon and FISE Veneto involving inmates at Montorio Prison

Fieracavalli continues its approach to an equestrian culture that helps promote social commitment and inclusion.

The bond between Fieracavalli and Montorio Prison comes to the fore once again this year.

After setting up a stable inside the prison managed by inmates and the consequent training course for stable technicians, the carpentry workshop in collaboration with the Reverse interior architecture studio and the farrier assistant course organized with UNOM, last July saw the launch of a brand new project focusing on equestrian theatre.

An equestrian theatre course, in collaboration with the Horse Valley – Corte Molon association and FISE Veneto, which once again involves inmates by offering them a chance for redemption and reintegration into society.

An opportunity for five inmates to acquire the basic notions needed to establish a relationship of mutual trust with horses, learn specific equestrian techniques and at the same time work on the interpretation of roles, the expression of emotions and the assumption of responsibility – all by mastering their own emotions and personality.

Visitors to Fieracavalli will enjoy watching the demonstration of the skills that inmates have acquired during the course. Be there for the equestrian theatre show on Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 in Hall 1 and Outdoor Area A!