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Equiarte: art and the extraordinary relationship with the horse to help the weak

28 May 2020

A new project promoted by Fieracavalli is born that combines art therapy with assisted therapy with horses

“Art is when a man’s hand, head, and heart go together.” John Ruskin

In this moment of great desire for rebirth, we start again from beauty, from the desire to do and help, even the weakest. So Equiarte was born, a new Fieracavalli project that combines art therapy with the benefits of the extraordinary relationship with the horse.

A synergy between “Riding the blue”, a project curated by Dr. Zoccante, with the aim of highlighting the benefits of assisted interventions with horses in children suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the laboratory of Art Therapy Rehabilitation for the acquired disability, curated by Dr. Zonato, gave birth to some artistic works that were protagonists of the exhibition Art & Cavallo at Fieracavalli 2019.

Given the correlation between autism and brain-acquired disability, the two projects will constitute the starting modules for the study and formulation of a flexible protocol, under the responsibility of the architect Federica Crestani, referent and head of the Equiarte laboratory. The project will see as a common thread the approach to the horse through art that will materialize in a different way of doing horse riding, emphasizing the phenomenology of discomfort in a transversal way. Equiarte therefore becomes a symbol not only of equestrian art, but also hides the principle of “equity”, since through the interaction between the expressive representation and the rehabilitative value of the relationship with horses, any difference is smoothed out and it fills up the gap that discomfort causes.

From the operational phase of the laboratory, in addition to the irrefutable benefits of assisted therapy with horses and art therapy – which uses artistic creation as a means of expressing, freeing and transforming – real works of art will be born that will be the protagonists of the Art & Horse exhibition 2020!