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Equitation & awareness at Fieracavalli with RAIDHO and FISE Veneto

9 November 2019

RAIDHO Healing Horses: once again this year, the method devised by trainer Alexandra Rieger returns to Verona alongside FISE Veneto

Raidho Healing Horses and FISE Veneto return together at Fieracavalli to spread a new vision of equitation: a focus on increasing the awareness of riders as a key towards achieving stable harmony with horses by implementing increasingly clear, coherent and effective non-verbal communication.

The path towards personal growth through horses, conceived by German trainer Alexandra Rieger, develops through the“Raidho, astride the 7 chakras” approach during which, starting from work with the herd from the ground, the rider increases the fundamental skills needed for communicating with horses and earn their attention and trust: Grounding and alignment; managing emotions and the ability to turn them into allies; Power position and focus; Practice of clear and kindly communication (non-aggressive); Development and trust in intuition; Practice of the effect of Being rather than Making. The Raidho approach teaches riders to listen to themselves, without which they cannot listen to horses and, consequently, establish authentic harmony between horse and rider.

Alexandra Rieger, on hand in the Raidho space c/o the FISE Veneto stand in Hall 5, has presented the Equitex for Raidho saddle-not-saddle, specifically created by the company from Alto Adige and leader in the production of ultra-modern and high quality saddle underlays. The Raidho area, on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10, will also welcome 3rd level FISE Instructor Thierry Merel, another Raidho Trainer, who will share information and experiences.