November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

12 April 2022

Exhibition of Iberian and Friesian horses

A weekend of shows and competitions in Hall 2

The weekend dedicated to Iberian and Friesian horses begins today, Friday 12, in Hall 2.


In collaboration with UAIPRE- Union of Italian Pura Raza Española breeders – about 100 PRE, Lusitanian and Hispano-Arabian horses are involved in dressage, Haute École and Doma Vaquera contests and competitive events to highlight their aptitude.


Doma Vaquera came about in Andalusia and is the discipline inspired by the work of the Spanish Vaqueros in the fields in freedom with cattle. It is a discipline not learned at school but handed down from father to son for decades and which, over time, has maintained its secrets that speak of tradition and great equestrian culture. The main purpose of Doma Vaquera is to achieve a state of balance, obedience and agility for horses so that they are be ready in the most unforeseen conditions of work “in the field” in a countryside that always holds surprises in store with inclement weather, rough terrain, wild animals and free-grazing cattle.

There are various levels of Doma Vaquera. Come and discover the highest level competitions at Fieracavalli with the 10 finalists of the 2021 Italian Championship, the clinic with champion Rafael Arcos Gonzales and the performance by Peres Garcia Jose Ramon.


On the other hand, Doma Classica contests – the modern current of dressage – will see a large number of riders leading their horses in the figures of the Spanish Low School and High School, the teaching method that tends towards self-training of horses following the principles and canons of Classical Riding and Equestrian Art.


The programme also includes the Gala and the “Art and Elegance” talent event, where riders are free to present their preferred disciplines between Doma Vaquera, Doma Classica and Dressage.


The venue for Iberian horses in Hall 2 also welcomes 20 Friesian horses, a small representation of the 2,500 specimens listed in the Italian stud books.

Friesians are one of the oldest breeds in Europe originating from Friesland, a region in the northern part of the Netherlands. Always considered a good, mild and willing horse, Friesians are easy to train and guide and adapt to pulling, saddle and agricultural work in general. They are also widely used in equestrian shows, thanks to their stage presence and exciting, rapid and spectacular gait. Friesian horses are also very popular as dressage horses, a speciality where they achieve very high levels.


The Friesian Horse show scheduled over the second weekend of the show aims to highlight the nature of these horses and how easily they adapt to any discipline.


Come and discover Friesians in the Driving Team, Haute École and Flatwork demonstrations.