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Sustainability at Fieracavalli

25 October 2019

The space focusing on sharing good practices for social and environmental responsibility also ensures a leading role for the inmates of the Montorio Detention Centre in the province of Verona.

“The changing journey – Approaches to sustainable tourism” AGSM Forum Area in Hall 1 highlights a new concept involving “ethical” and inclusive stand set-ups with much lower environmental impact thanks to the implementation solutions adopted, the materials chosen (wood from a certified wood supply chain) and the 0 km nature of the project. The furnishings and structures were made by the Reverse IN workshop, a prison economy project that employs inmates at Montorio Detention Centre managed by the interior architecture firm Reverse.

The initiative also involves close collaboration between Fieracavalli with the Montorio Detention Centre and the Reverse social enterprise; inmates take part in the prison’s own carpentry workshop and outside on stand assembly work. “The challenge for this project was to devise straightforward solutions that can also be implemented by a team of non-experts. Our inmates are passing this exam with flying colours,” said Maria Grazia Bregoli, director of Montorio penitentiary for seven years. “There is a growing commitment between the Montorio Detention Centre and Fieracavalli. This helps expand employment opportunities for prisoners and ensures greater meaning for the rehabilitative purpose of the prison sentence.”

In addition to the carpentry workshop, the prison also has a stable with four horses saved from abusive situations or confiscation. A space providing updates for good practices in sustainability, social, environmental and tourism sectors.

The first cycle of meetings covering sustainability and the equestrian world is scheduled on Saturday 9 November 2019 at 10.00-11.30.



Introduction and greetings

Federica Collato,Reverse social enterprise



“Applied social and environmental sustainability and events, local territories and tourism”

The importance of reintegration through work: the Montorio and Fieracavalli project

Mariagrazia Bregoli,director, Montorio Detention Centre

The Tocatì Festival and the way towards ISO 20121 certification

Giuseppe Giacon,AGA – Tocatì Festival

Opportunities offered by sustainability certification and the importance of networking and training

Lorenzo Orlandi,LOCOM and RIS-Sustainable Innovation Network



LOL: recovering catering food waste to promote virtuous habits and the reputation of local areas

Lucia Dal Negro,founder of De Lab, social innovation and CSR expert



“Words for a New Life” Book Presentation – papers presented at the second National “On the Wings of Freedom” Award implemented by Italian penal institutions.

Reports by

Orazio La Rocca,Author of “Words for a New Life”

Mariagrazia Bregoli,director, Montorio Detention Centre

Alessandro Pinna, President, Isola Solidale Association

Margherita Forestan,Verona City Council

Mirella Gallinar,Veneto Region


Event scheduled in AGSM Forum Area – The changing journey