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Fieracavalli at MuraFestival with “HORSES, DONKEYS AND ART FOR EVERYONE”

13 September 2021

A preview of initiatives to discover the world of the horse

The activities organized by the Fieracavalli team at Bastione San Bernardino in Verona on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September (10:00-19:00) include the Saddle Christening in the company of qualified personnel from ASD Horse Valley for everyone who has not yet experienced the thrill of riding.

There is also the chance to experience riding donkeys for the first time between the ramparts of the ancient city walls with the Donkeybus and the entertainment-educational moments organized by the Asini of Reggio Emilia donkey home named Ludonkey: a full-scale playground built entirely with non-toxic materials with wooden games of the past, where groups and families can learn to play together while developing their imagination and skills.

The two-day event will also explain the anatomy of donkeys and horses at first hand, revealing the various parts of their bodies and organs, as well as learning how to take care of them with horse brushes and curry combs.

There will even be space for art with the art workshops organised by Art&Cavallo, for painting and creating small works of art inspired by horses or donkeys using material as-found materials in the vicinity.


In keeping with the spirit of MuraFestival, which will animate the city of Verona until 17 October with initiatives ranging from sport to music and food, Fieracavalli invites enthusiasts or the simply curious to experience a social inclusion weekend outdoors to get closer to horse riding and learn about horses close up: horses, through tactile-sensorial contact, are able to establish significant relationships in just a few moments even with the most vulnerable people.