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Fieracavalli Endurance Cup on the way to WEC 2022

29 May 2021

The National Endurance Championships ended today

The Fieracavalli Endurance Cup is a CEI 3* international endurance equestrian competition came to an end in Isola della Scala, near Verona.

The competition attracted 105 pairs from 12 countries and was an FEI test event ahead of the assignment of the 2022 World Endurance Championships to the town in the province of Verona.

The Italian Endurance Championships (medals awarded for CEI 3* 160 km (absolute), CEI 2* 120km and CEI 1* 100km categories) this year saw the United States take the podium in the CEI 3* category with Jeremy Reynolds riding Treasured Moments. The CEI 2* and CEI 1* categories were respectively won by Italians Federico Milan with Dynamik Charriere AA and Carmine Calvanese on AJ Lafi. Top place in the CEI 2* ladies category went to Caterina Coppini riding Antares by Nimiroz.

And our thoughts immediately go to 2022, with the FEI Commission on hand in the area during the event not only to evaluate all the technical aspects of the 160 km route but also to take a closer look at hospitality and hotel venues in an area that for many years has seen horses at the heart of its promotion of slow and sustainable tourism.

Collaboration between Veronafiere-Fieracavalli, the Local Council with Fiera di Isola della Scala and Garda Endurance saw the International Equestrian Federation decide to choose this venue as the home to the World Endurance Championships 2022. This will be a vital opportunity for internationalization and promotion of all the natural beauties and typical features of the area, starting from PGI Nano Vialone rice which, in addition to being a characteristic ingredient of excellence in local gastronomy, obviously also defines a unique landscape. The land, made sandy by the presence of rice fields, is also a perfect base for long-distance events on horseback.

The 160 km route through rice and other fields and hills, is seen by local communities as a heritage that must be preserved, just like the relationship with horses.

Inasmuch, sport will also help promote slow tourism in the saddle: the competition route will in fact become one of the most important bridleways in landscape terms which, thanks to its appeal, will generate allied business in the local area as part of a vital virtuous circle.

One hundred and fifty pairs from more than 40 countries are expected in 2022 which, in turn, will stimulate varied and international incoming tourism sharing passion for horses and their landscape.