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Fieracavalli Grand Prix 122X122: final hosted at Horses Riviera Resort

10 December 2020

Sport and entertainment come together 17-20 December at the San Giovanni in Marignano equestrian centre

Spectacular equestrian sport returns thanks to the Horses Riviera Resort in San Giovanni in Marignano. This exclusive setting will host the final of the Fieracavalli Grand Prix 122×122, an event originally scheduled in Verona during the 122nd edition of the landmark event in Italy for the equestrian world.

After the stages held in recent months throughout Italy (between one forced stop and another), selected horses and riders will compete 17-20 December in the Bronze, Silver and Gold categories to win the title established in 2018 to celebrate 120 editions of Fieracavalli.


The traditional Riviera Christmas Show will also be the occasion for an A5* national equestrian competition where the best Italian horses and riders will take the field to win the sought-after 36,000 euro prize fund.

There will also be room for entertainment with the Masked Relay where riders will compete wearing costumes inspired by superheroes, characters from TV series and cartoons, and the Donkey Race, where the fastest and most agile rider will win.


The Horses Riviera Resort in San Giovanni in Marignano 17-20 December will host equestrian sport and entertainment on the occasion of the Riviera Christmas Show.