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Fieracavalli presents its new advertising & promotion campaign

22 May 2019

Horses as a Masterpiece of Nature

For the 2019 advertising & promotion campaign, artist Federica Crestani was chosen to guide inspiration for overall event communication. Horses are interpreted as a true work of art in nature and, as the undisputed protagonist, this emerges by exploiting the four elements: WATER, EARTH, AIR and FIRE.

Water, a primordial component, is the vital principle interpreted as a means for regeneration and renewal. It therefore represents the transparency of Fieracavalli’s ethical approach as regards animal welfare.

Earth is the competition ring. Sprays of earth rising into the air symbolise the effective nature of this element and the dynamismtypical of competition.


Air recalls the sense of freedom and spectacular aspects of the event.


Lastly, fire is the central theme of the Art&Cavallo exhibition which makes its debut at the Show this year bringing painting, sculpture and photography into Hall 8.