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18 December 2020

The finest performances at the Gold Gala in recent years

The Gold Gala is the flagship equestrian show at Fieracavalli: internationally renowned artists, amazing costumes and stirring music. And in such a strange year as the one now ending, it is time to immerse ourselves again in the memories and emotions of the most exciting performances since 2011.

Gold Gala Festival, thanks to the artistic direction of Antonio Giarola and Dario Milanese, will offer all lovers of the horse world and equestrian shows the chance to see the artists who have stood out in the various editions of the Fieracavalli Gold Gala.

A jury of experts comprising professors of the Gold Gala Academy has selected 60 performances from all those in programme between 2011 and 2019, which will be made available again to the Fieracavalli community.

Follow us every Thursday on the official pages of Fieracavalli and vote for the performance you prefer from among those selected on the “Gold Gala Festival” youtube channel. You can relive the emotions of every edition with us every week!

This event sets off on Thursday 17 December 2020, with the finest performances in 2011.

Don’t miss the Gold Gala appointment every week. Voting is very simple – there is no need to register – simply “like” the video via youtube!

And once we have broadcast all the editions, keep following us! As of March 2021, you will be able to vote for your favourite video among the winners of the various editions on the Fieracavalli Facebook page!


You can follow the exclusive prize-giving ceremony where other prestigious awards will be assigned by the jury of experts:

Male performer

Female performer

Individual performance

Group performance



Soundtrack (even not original)

Equestrian art


Performance in docility


Find out more about Jury members with us:

Armando Diruzza (Event Manager Fieracavalli)

Antonio Giarola (Director, Gold Gala – President of the Jury)

Maurizio Agosti (artistic director and performer)

Liliana Ayres ( journalist, Cavallo Magazine)

Franco Berro (videomaker and artistic director)

Marco Bertin (photographer)

Roberto Bruno (equitation master)

Tamara Bizzarro (show business manager and equestrian artist)

Osvaldo Camahue (composer)

Roberto Cinquegrana (equestrian historian and rider)

Fabrizio Lupo (advertising creative)

Cristina Magli Togni (equestrian artist)

Varhynia Ziliotto (choreographer)

Dario Milanese (artistic director, equestrian artist and Secretary of the Jury)