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Giardino dei Tigli: the power of art in overcoming disabilities

22 November 2021

An Art Therapy workshop for guests of the “Giardino dei Tigli” community in Altavilla Vicentina visiting Fieracavalli today.

The “Giardini dei Tigli” community in Altavilla Vicentina welcomes disabled persons with motor, cognitive and sensory deficits who carrying out recreational, occupational and social life activities. The goal is to return to a life as independent as possible through reconstruction of personality and social role involving approaches of variable duration depending on personal and family conditions.


Rehabilitation activities for severe neurological and psychiatric pathologies include the Art Therapy workshop coordinated by Clinical Psychologist Emma Zonato, who said: “In our workshop, their disabilities are put to one side and with the help of an art therapist they become familiar with painting techniques; but above all they have learned to tell their stories through colours, thereby tackling challenges that initially seemed impossible to them”.


Art is a powerful tool that offers new opportunities for self-expression by overcoming the limits of acquired disability. Experience at Giardino dei Tigli demonstrates how it is possible to express talent and find a place and recognition in the community.

One such example is unquestionably artist Andrea Baleri who, thanks to the expressiveness of his works, won the category dedicated to painting in the international Art&Cavallo equestrian art competition.


Today, everyone taking part in the workshop visited the horse show and the exhibition in Hall 2 as an occasion for social integration where they could see the fruit of their work on display.