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An outing with a donkey

14 July 2020

When haste and superficiality takes us away from the essence of life, the donkey - a slow animal with sure and measured steps - encourages us to look with peaceful and penetrating eyes at the essential things around us to bring well-being into our lives.

And the discovery of the smaller things that Nature, landscapes and environments keep in the most hidden corners ensures that travel becomes spectacular. A journey with a donkey help you learn how to savour the taste of taking things easy, exploring as you move forwards, because the donkey slows down your pace and strengthens your thinking.

A philosophy, a strong passion and an authentic lifestyle that Massimo Montanari of Asineria Asini in Reggio Emilia has cultivated for many years by now.

Trekking with a donkey, strolling with this friendly animal at your side means having time at your disposal that beats a different rhythm. Consequently, you must bear in mind that way you move has to be calculated differently, even in terms of planning how to spend the day and the things you want to do. While the step shortens, at the same time, the mind lengthens.

Walking with a donkey must be seen as immersion in Nature in the company of a special guide who sets the pace, slows us down.

Donkeys helps us immediately become accustomed to being more attentive guests and sharper observers.

A donkey walks not to see but to savour the essence of the place since continuous stopping is not only a need to stop, a curiosity aroused by the smells of the surrounding area, but above all it a need to taste the location as a whole. Donkeys often stop and gaze towards something infinite, towards a panorama.

When you start walking with a donkey, you enter into an empathy and reciprocity which is difficult to forget. Why not discover the “slow” and genuine world of donkeys at Fieracavalli!