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Horse Friendly Arena

30 September 2019

Fieracavalli has created a venue for comparisons dedicated to "horse tellers" focusing on training methods and interpretation of the language of horses.

Communicate and listen – to the horses as well as audiences – are the keywords for this edition of Fieracavalli and the Horse Friendly Arena project will be its fullest expression.

Hall 9 is home not to a competition but a venue for comparisons, sharing training ideas and methods and communication.Understanding horses in depth as animals capable of emotions and relationships is the first step towards understanding how horses “see” the world and people, as a means for reaching the utmost harmony between horses and riders at sporting and amateur levels alike.

Six schools specialising in the study of the behaviour of horses and their training will present their methods for interpreting the language of horses and teaching techniques, as well as telling stories and anecdotes. And, getting into the heart of the Horse Friendly concept, these schools will also be the protagonists of practical demonstrations in the arena.



Chiara Angelini and Fausto Sturaro are equestrian instructors and guides who have been involved for many years in the taming, training and rehabilitation of the problematic horses. They come from different disciplines but have combined their knowledge because they both believe that horses with good basic training are not limited to a single discipline. The key point of their approach is respect for horses, understood as knowledge of biomechanics and the study of behaviour. Chiara and Fausto are convinced that “Horses deserve a better world” and must live in a manner as close as possible to their nature, in other words in large, open spaces and herds.



Massimo Basili, founder and instructor of Classical Equitation in Lightness. Basili’s method is based on the teachings of the finest masters of equitation – such as Guérinière, Baucher, Caprilli and Karl – and applies all the principles of ethology, animal psychology, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Gymnastics is one of the objectives of this approach, helping horses to develop their physical and athletic qualities in the best possible way, without trauma, without conflict, with the utmost fluency and maximum collaboration. CEL offers all riders the tools they need to become more aware of their horses and is successful with every horse.



The Italian “Ecole de Légèreté” Group is a cultural association founded with the aim of spreading, promoting and maximising in Italy the philosophy of Philippe Karl, a great master who helped the concept of “Légèreté” regain its former splendour, turning it into an end and means for training horses as well as a lifestyle. The School’s fundamental principle is absolute respect of all horses in physical and mental terms and the work proposed is largely based on the individual horse’s understanding of the input by the rider, that becomes a language through which they can communicate.



Marco Vignali is the founder of the International Horseman Academy. This school focuses on who and what horses are, learning their language and interpreting their signals, but also on self-knowledge to enhance self-esteem and determination, thereby becoming leaders capable of managing their emotional states. The International Horseman Academy seeks initially to reach the Heart of the horse (trust), then its Mind (respect) and finally its Physique (communication and training). The IHA methodology may well be defined as a journey of self-discovery through horses.



The Parelli School proposes an equestrian training program – “Parelli Natural Horsemanship” – based on communication, respect and trust between rider and horse, taking into account the different needs and different personalities of every animal. Teaching focuses on training people rather than training horses and the 4-level programme is based on 4 learning areas: on line, liberty, freestyle and finesse.



The Tenuta L’Ambrosia Equestrian Centre is an oasis of peace and freedom in coexistence between horses and many other grazing animals in the Vejo Park between the Sorbo Valley and the Sacrofano Woods. The Centre specialises in introducing children to equestrian activities. It relies on the collaboration of Franco Gianiwho, as a certified Parelli instructor, ensures detailed, personal attention to training of all the young horses, especially those who will become involved in competitive activities. He emphasises taking care of their physical and mental well-being so that they can become serene and reliable companions for children and people with disabilities alike.

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