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Horse Symphony

7 November 2021

"It is not possible to be a good rider if you are not also a good musician"

Music helps horses and riders to be regular and follow time, calculate distances, think and memorize geometry in an abstract way, achieve harmony and proportion, coordination, synchronism and grace.

This concept was fundamental during the Renaissance and inspired the Horse Symphony project set in motion by the Helicona Association, which proposes an experience in  equilibrium between physical and emotional aspects on the one hand and the organization of knowledge on the other with a special emphasis on music and improvisation.


Experience with horses goes hand in hand with the rhythm and balance of music and helps improve communication skills, understand the right moment to act or our place in relation to the context, develop readiness and reactivity, as well as solve problems with creativity and grace.

In this context, horses are indeed formidable teachers: if we are not clear and convincing, they do not follow us. What better opportunity then for musicians to experiment if their communication is effective!


Come and discover the Horse Symphony show in Hall 1 and share a hugely enjoyable live multidisciplinary experience!