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5 November 2019

Workshops and stories about the protagonists of the equestrian world.

The AGSM forum area boasts a programme events focusing on the protagonists of the equestrian world and their stories. A journey through unique experiences of all those people who have managed to combine passion for horses with their professional work.

The “TALKING ABOUT MYSELF” event at Fieracavalli involves a series of daily meetings with riders, trainers, veterinarians and writers who will narrate the stories of their lives together with horses. This is an opportunity to be inspired by their words and learn more about the anecdotes and curiosities associated with all their lives. An update WORKSHOP will also be held over the same days together with institutional sector speakers, legal consultants, promoters and equestrian managers.


Thursday 7 November 2019


Dedicated to instructors

“The importance of leadership and team building”

Paola Melon, Rider and Mental Coach

Clara Campese, Rider and Instructor



“Talking about Myself”

Reports by

Andrea Olmi, Federal Instructor

Massimo Basili, Federal Instructor

Joey & Silvia, Instructors and managers of the Double J Ranch and the JS Foundation Station



“Aspects of acupuncture in horses”

Alice Regina Leorin, instructor



“Talking about Myself”

Reports by

Anna Tommasin, Instructor

Franco Giani, Instructor and Five Star Master Instructor

Francesco Vedani, founder of the Ars Equitandi academy



Dedicated to riders

“Strategies for dealing with failure: how to get up from falls”

Paola Melon, Rider and Mental Coach



“Talking about Myself”

Reports by

Chiara Angelini, equestrian instructor and guide

Fausto Sturaro, equestrian instructor and guide



“End of Session Aperitif”


Sunday 10 NOVEMBER 2019



“Talking about Myself”

Reports by

Alice Calmasini, instructor

Serena Cappello, Equestrian publisher



Dedicated to parents

“How to help your children before and after a competition”

Paola Melon, Rider and Mental Coach


11.45 “Talking about Myself”

Reports by

Massimo Pierini, writer

Piera Da Rold, Pratictioner of Tellington TTouch™ for horses

Antonella Lioce, Instructor and Rider

Valentina Bonera, Instructor and Rider



Book presentation “The Winning Moment – How something big comes to life”

Andrea Zavaglia, Trainer and Coach | Ekis



“Business values in an equestrian company”

Alberto Bressani, Expert in International Relations



“The digital world between business opportunities and new trends: equestrian tourism”

Ilaria Cazziol, freelance Content writer Christian Bignami, Founder of Horse Touring



“Leader: certification through Blockchain in the equestrian sector”

Luigi Ferrajoli, Court of Cassation lawyer, tax consultant and statutory auditor



“Talking about Myself”

Luca Moneta, Third Level Instructor and professional rider

Paolo Rasero, Instructor, Gold Medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and member of L’Ecole de Légèreté



“Legal statuses and funding for equestrian facilities”

Francesco Spirito, corporate lawyer


Event scheduled in the AGSM Forum Area – The changing journey