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Intesa Sanpaolo Rent Foryou at Fieracavalli Verona

22 November 2021

Intesa Sanpaolo enters the operational hire market

Intesa Sanpaolo enters the operational hire market with Intesa Sanpaolo Rent Foryou intended for manufacturing and distribution companies and their clients, even including small companies, thereby enabling them to take advantage of the latest technologies on the market very rapidly. About 3,000 suppliers have already affiliated to hire goods to more than 10,000 business customers.


In times like these of economic uncertainty, rental of capital assets may be the ideal solution to stimulate companies to invest, search for new technologies and support growth, while also ensuring advantages in terms of sustainability and financial equilibrium.


The advantages are evident, for producers and end consumers alike. More specifically, the hire service proposed by Intesa Sanpaolo Rent Foryou focuses on the medium term, from 18 to 60 months. A time range that meets the needs of all those sectors where vehicles and services are used intensively and, precisely for this reason, are subject to more rapid deterioration and wear.


A perfect formula even for the world of horse riding. On the one hand, sporting clubs and riding schools can hire all goods, machinery and equipment needed to upkeep and improve their facilities and equitation fields. On the other, Simple Rent – the brand that handles all mobility for the Intesa Sanpaolo group – can provide vehicles, vans and trailers of various sizes for horse transport requirements.


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