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Isola della Scala: a candidate of excellence for WEG 2022

9 November 2019

The town in the province of Verona is a candidate to host the Endurance discipline at the next edition of the FEI World Equestrian Games

Rome and Isola della Scala (Verona) are Italy’s official candidate cities for hosting the next World Equestrian Games, scheduled in 2022. Two magnificent cities, both declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to represent Italy.


And it will be a contest with two competitors: Saudi Arabia will be in direct competition with Italy. Yet there are innumerable aspects in favour of Italy in the race for victory: the artistic and cultural heritage, the availability of structures suitable for the disciplines involved in the competition and previous experience gained during the edition hosted in 1998. Last but not least, Italy also enjoys an advantage in terms of climatic conditions. Italy’s mild climate is better suited for ensuring the welfare of horses and riders alike.


The World Equestrian Games were set in motion by FISE in 1990, host 8 equestrian disciplines every 4 years. Reining, dressage, paradressage, saddle-back acrobatics and jumping events will be hosted, if candidacy is successful, in the former Tenuta di Santa Barbara in Bracciano, near Rome, acquired by the Elementa brand. The FISE Pratoni del Vivaro Centre, near Rome, on the other hand, will be the setting for complete and teams disciplines. Verona itself, and specifically the town of Isola della Scala in its province, will host the endurance event, one of the most popular equestrian sports in the world.


Two splendid realities, boasting an important cultural heritage, equally able to host evocative opening and closing events in the largest and best preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world: the Colosseum in Roma and the Arena in Verona.


There are great expectations for next week’s appointment in Moscow where the winner will be announced!

Fingers crossed!