November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

4 November 2022

Champions in the ring for ‘Save the Planet’

Good vibes! The second edition of the “Top Team Charity Cup” event once again this year welcomes the top names for the CSI5*W event.
A full-scale battle of titans will be staged on Saturday afternoon (starting at 19:10). The ring will welcome the colours of Scuderia 1918 (the promoter of the project together with Fieracavalli) with Kevin Staut (Fra), Giulia Martinengo Marquet, Lorenzo De Luca, Piergiorgio Bucci (all Ita) and Simon Delestre (Fra), while the Jumping Verona line-up boasts Marlon Modolo Zanotelli (Bra), Nicola Philippaerts (Bel), Anna Julia Kontio (Fin) and Edward Levy (Fra).

The owner of the Scuderia 1918 Racing Team, Emanuele Anchisi is enthusiastic about the project and has high expectations for his team.
“It is amazing to think that these riders – already engaged in a packed calendar of competitions are willing to take part – with no money prize – and help boost this charity prize fund.” Every jump taken without fault by these riders will help increase the final prize fund for donation to charitable initiatives. The project chosen this year involves planting trees in collaboration with Save The Planet.

“This year,” Anchisi explained, “our aim is help reduce CO2 levels: the purpose of this initiative is to help us keep our passions alive by making them sustainable. This explains why we teamed up with Save The Planet. The event will be even more exciting than in 2021: it will be a Table C competition, when every fault at a fence will entail a penalty of 4 seconds; the worst result of the five for each team will be discarded and inasmuch – right to the end – there will be uncertainty over the outcome of the event. For the time being,” Anchisi summed up, “the format still only takes in Verona, since this is a project by no means easy to manage as regards invitations and the involvement of international riders. Nevertheless, we are working on this because other important international competitions have expressed keen interest.”

Anchisi then speaks about Scuderia 1918 Racing Team’s activities: ‘Over the past year we have grown a lot. With us, on the show jumping side, there are currently Giulia Martinengo, Lorenzo De Luca, Piergiorgio Bucci, Alberto Zorzi, Kevin Staut and Daniel Deusser. Eventing and dressage are represented by Kevin McNab and Pietro Grandis and Riccardo Sanavio respectively. We realized that, in order to win, we have to invest in many areas: in the search for younger and more numerous horses, as well as in the support for riders, which has to be not only material, providing them with important horses, but also through the co-management of the owners of the horses themselves. This, for example, is proving to be one of the success factors in developing team spirit and increasing the number of those involved in this project. At the moment we have about ten riders of different nationalities but there is interest in others who could join the team. At the moment there are about sixty horses, but we aim to have about eighty before Paris 2024. Our goal is to have about ten riders with Olympic ambitions and to win a medal’.