November 3rd-6th, 2022

Verona, November 3rd-6th, 2022

3 August 2022

Scuderia 1918 – Main partner of Fieracavalli 2022

Shared commitment on environmental sustainability

The top news this year is the stronger than ever partnership with Scuderia 1918, the international team that now becomes the main sponsor of the Show. joining the leadership of an event capable of speaking to the entire community of equestrian enthusiasts.

The synergy between Fieracavalli and Scuderia 1918 will bring many innovations into play: sporting events will include the second edition of TOP TEAM, the competition that already last year fielded excellent riders and horses in international show jumping – of the calibre of Lorenzo De Luca, Jessica Springsteen and Kevin Staut. Audiences at Fieracavalli 2022 will enjoy the updated and even more exciting look.

An important cooperation based on sharing the principles and objectives that in recent years have consolidated the bond between Scuderia 1918 and Fieracavalli. A unity of purpose that has always given life to innovative and far-sighted projects in keeping with the times, creating equestrian events increasingly in harmony with the needs of horses and environmental protection: a new – and vital – ecological sensitivity achieving – among nations all over the world – closer attention and consideration, helping to bring change into every activity.

Everyone must play their part, large or small. Fieracavalli and Scuderia 1918 have decided to do so by joining forces to launch a new approach to experiencing equestrian events.