November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

6 April 2022

Lusitanian Thoroughbreds

The heart of Portugal at Fieracavalli

Docile, yet at the same time taut and agile, the Lusitanian is the horse symbol of Portugal.

Extraordinary horses in a land of skilled riders, they boast patience, generosity, balance, courage and a great spirit of collaboration thanks to their ability to create a truly special relationship with their riders.

The predominant colour of the coat is grey but dark bay and chestnut are also frequent.

The head is small and slim, with a powerful and rather arched neck that is set well into muscular and slanted shoulders. The croup is round and high and the chest is compact and deep. The tail is wavy, dense and long just like the mane, with a low hairline. Forearms, thighs and shins are long, ensuring a correct stand, with well detached and strong tendons.

In the past, Lusitanians were bred as fighting horses but they are very versatile. This means they can compete in a large number of modern sporting activities – such as work mount and dressage – achieving truly extraordinary results. Lusitanians are highly sought after as breed horses in view of their genetic qualities.

The Lusitanian breed was a favourite with master Nuno Oliveira, an extraordinary rider who proved able to coordinate and stylize the movements of these horses to the point of turning it into Haute Ècole, thereby bringing academic equitation close to the borders with art.