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Joyce Ter Horst exceptional judge at Art & Cavallo 2021

15 September 2021

The founder of Paard Verzameld Gallery will be part of the jury of the equestrian-themed art exhibition at Fieracavalli

Paard Verzameld Gallery was founded in 2016 by equine art curator Joyce Ter Horst, as a loving tribute to one exceptional horse and is based near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

From an early age, Joyce had a keen interest in art, art history and the various art movements. This interest resulted in a study in illustration at a traditional art academy in England. Specializing in equine art was a logical step to take, combining her two loves of a lifetime.

Next to founding the international Paard Verzameld Collective, a creative hub for novice and established equine artists and curating Paard Verzameld Gallery, Joyce has also been a contributing writer for Bit equestrian magazine and other art publications. 

Joyce also undertakes various activities for novice and established artists to educate, inspire and advance themselves. She organizes masterclasses for this enthusiastic group of people to delve into various art techniques or a specific old masters and Inspiration days, as a way to look for new challenges in art and think out of the box. An organised group visit to the museum or exhibition are also a regular feature on the agenda and are of huge value to stimulate the intellectual consciousness. 

In addition, Joyce also remains committed to various annual art events and exhibitions to curate and promote contemporary equine art.


Inspiration Day – photo by Remco vd Kruis



Paard Verzameld Gallery
Our motto

Surround yourself with inspirational, innovative, progressive and contemporary art and let the magic rub off on you. Buy art, be happy, be inspired! 

Our mission 

We specialize in presenting the best of progressive, innovative, contemporary equine art across all mediums. We are dedicated to professionally and creatively connect the artist and the art enthusiast.


Our vision

Paard Verzameld Gallery presents curated equine art by a diverse group of international established and emerging artists. Unique and original artwork, handpicked from our own artist collective.  At Paard Verzameld Gallery we provide worldwide shipping, secure online payment systems and personal advice.



Joyce Ter Horst – photo by Remco vd Kruis


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