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Paola Giacomini: from Mongolia to Fieracavalli 2019

29 October 2019

The equestrian traveller talks about her last solo adventure.

A slow-paced adventure across boundless landscapes for encounters with cultures and a great deal of love for her travelling companions. Paola Giacomini‘s journey is almost at an end: a solo expedition, in the name of all horse lovers, where the main players are her faithful Custode and Dritto – the horses Paola chose to tackle this challenge.

Setting on June 2018 from Mongolia, between the steppes and the mountains towards Krakow, battling against the imminent Siberian winter, Paola’s long journey will also stop off in Verona. Before going home, the equestrian traveller will be the guest of honour at Fieracavalli 121^.

Having grown up amidst love for mountains and horses, Paola has made ten journeys on horseback since 2005, covering between 500 and 4500 kilometres. She will talk about her experiences on Sunday 10 November in the AGSM Forum area in Hall 1 – “The Changing Journey – Approaches to Sustainable Tourism”.

Event scheduled in AGSM Forum Area – The changing journey