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Social inclusion is already a reality for women riders

14 November 2021

The equestrian world has seen women achieve room for themselves

The equestrian world has seen women achieve room for themselves thanks to competitions based on gender equality that make this sector one of the most socially inclusive on the sporting scene.

This is demonstrated not only by the very high percentage of FISE members (the proportion of women and men is 70:30) but also impressive female involvement at Fieracavalli: in the competition rings themselves, in organizing secretariats, juries, events organization, management and communication, through to significant numbers in the horseback armed forces.

Yet the commitment and ambition of the sector is to ensure that even more women are employed in the most important managerial roles. This is the intention of Fearless Girls, a new project specifically for women in equestrian sports organized by FISE in collaboration with the “Scuola dello Sport” organized by Sport e Salute S.p.A. – as explained by 22 participants precisely during Fieracavalli. The initiative seeks to train and encourage women – who made up 70% of FISE members in 2021 – to take top positions in sports organizations. “The project supports women who are not and should not be afraid to take managerial roles in the equestrian sector and other primary roles in politics or society,” said the Vice President of FISE, Grazia Basano Rebagliati.

Marta Tagliaferri, CEO of Scuderia 1918, is one woman who has achieved this goal. “The equestrian world accepts and welcomes women much more easily than others such as, the world of finances which I come from.”

And precisely the pride of Italy – Olympic competitor Susanna Bordone, –  highlighted the impressive capacity for inclusion in this sector: “Equitation is the only Olympic sport where men and women compete together to earn their place in the same rankings.” Inasmuch, there is no gender difference you get into the saddle. Only the synergy between horse and rider is what matters.

The skills of lady riders is emerging even in Spanish disciplines, notoriously a male prerogative. One example of this is Clizia Moffa, who says she found her grace and technique to be the secret for climbing to the top of the rankings, working steadily and without creating power struggles with her horses.


While .it is true that women are known to be more sensitive, it is precisely this characteristic that turns out to be the trump card in a sector where the harmony with horses makes all the difference.