November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

4 November 2022

A Berton Rimorchi van to Italian Paradressage champion Sara Morganti

Today at 11.30 a.m. in Area A, the Berton Rimorchi van branded Scuderia 1918 and personalised with her name was handed over to the Italian multiple medallist in Paradressage Sara Morganti.

The 2-horse van, donated by Berton Rimorchi, Scuderia 1918, Kep Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo, Sergio Grasso, Purina and Paolo Pini’s C.A.P.E., is intended as a sign of gratitude on behalf of these companies, who wish to support the competitive activity of our athlete Sara Morganti and express their thanks to her for the many emotions she gives to the Italian public with her horses.

Present at the handover were the President of Veronafiere Federico Bricolo and representatives of every company that participated in making this great gesture possible.

The Amazon enthusiastically thanked all participants, who also conveyed in words the great admiration they had for her.