November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

4 November 2022

The results of Thursday’s sports competitions

Competitions at Fieracavalli certainly got off on the right foot for the winners of the first day of the event who warmed up their engines for an intense four days of competition.

Arena FISE opens its doors with the Master Scuderia 1918, conquering the top step of the podium: Elia Matteo Simonetti on Harish GPH in the Gold category (H 130), Nicolò Bruno on Corlette in the Silver category (H 125 ) and Maddalena Bernardi on Darjolijn in the Bronze (H 115) .

Jumping Verona 2022 starts again with its national circuits.
The winners of the first day of competition in the 124×124 Fieracavalli Grand Prix were: Francesco Vergine riding Stakaletta Ps in the Gold Category, Girolamo Daniele Arcidiacono riding Udini’ Dell’armonia in the Silver Category and Cherie Delphi Maquignaz riding Viti.

It was Emanuele Gaudiano riding Crack Balou who took the individual title on the first day of the Verona leg of the Italian Champions Tour. A great performance by the Carabiniere from Matera, who closed the 145 in time in 62″35 without committing any penalties! Behind him: Davide Kainich and Roberto Turchetto. Excellent start also for the Allianz Bank Riders team composed of Andrea Benatti and Paolo Paini who, with a double zero, reached the top of the first team event.

Let’s move on to the star rankings of the Pole Bending and Barrel Racing competitions.
The first day of competition saw the triumphs of Federico Tanzi in the Barrel Racing Futurity with Famous Summer Fire and Open with Fast to the Max, Angelo Parisella in the Barrel Racing Juvenile with DM Bayson Fame, Gino Midili in the Pole Bending Futurity with Shining Lena Whiz and Giovanni Adamo in the Pole Bending Open with Miss Master Monster.