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On the Wings of Pegasus

25 October 2019

Stories of grandparents, grandchildren and horses: an exciting project that brings generations together and helps reduce through knowledge and care of horses

The family, with all its complexities and difficulties, has always been at the heart of activities organised by “Il Colle per la Famiglia” Association. Grandparents – in particular – as the custodians of our past and our traditions, are key figures in supporting new generations. And especially in critical situations, they can make all the difference!

The aim of the “On the Wings of Pegasus” project, in collaboration with Fieracavalli, is to consolidate this vital bond between grandparents and grandchildren through relationships with horses.

The project is organised in two parts: “The Memory of the Heart”focuses on PREVENTION and is implemented in schools to encourage meetings between generations and help prevent possible difficulties within families; “Roots and Wings” focuses on CARING and envisages group meetings with Grandparents of separated children and grandchildren with separated parents or extended families, with workshops/informal meetings with families.

A place for communication and closeness, where knowledge and care of horses become a preferential means for strengthening such important relationships