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The “Horse Tellers” of the Horse Friendly Arena return to Verona

5 November 2021

Dialogue and discussion focusing on training methods and the interpretation of the language of horses.

Fieracavalli continues to focus on animal welfare. The Horse Friendly Arena project returns to Verona once again.

An occasion for dialogue and comparison, where some of the finest training schools will talk about secrets, advice and anecdotes to promote the principles of “natural” non-coercive communication training.

The “horse tellers” explain how to get to know horses thoroughly, interpret their language, and relate to them as animals capable of relationships and emotion in order to achieve the maximum harmony in the horse/rider combination, at sporting and amateur levels alike.

Come and find out more in the AGSM AIM forum area | The Changing Journey  about the training methods of the Parelli School, Chiara Angelini and Fausto Sturaro, and Alessandro Laconca.


Chiara Angelini and Fausto Sturaro are equestrian instructors and guides who have been involved for many years in the taming, training and rehabilitation of the problematic horses. They come from different disciplines but have combined their knowledge because they both believe that horses with good basic training are not limited to a single discipline. The key point of their approach is respect for horses, understood as knowledge of biomechanics and the study of behaviour.


The Parelli School proposes an equestrian training program – “Parelli Natural Horsemanship”  – based on communication, respect and trust between rider and horse, taking into account the different needs and different personalities of every animal. Teaching focuses on training people rather than training horses and the 4-level programme is based on 4 learning areas: on line, liberty, freestyle and finesse.


Horsemanship in Lightness is the name of Alessandro Laconca’s project. He is a certified instructor of the Parelli method and student-instructor of the Ecole de Lègerétè. Alessandro makes all his experience available to develop tailor-made methods for students and horses keen to improve their horsemanship through natural means and a structured educational system that combines western riding with the classic method.