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Verona Auction

4 November 2021

Verona welcomes the international auction exclusively for Italian horses

The debut of Verona Auction is scheduled at 20:30 on Saturday 6 – the international auction in collaboration with Equinia exclusively for Italian horse breeds. Equinia is an international company (active in 45 countries with more than 4,500 contacts) that provides – thanks to 6 horse trading experts – multiple auction opportunities for sport horses (embryos, foals, mares, 2 y.o., 3 y.o., promising young horses of 4-7 y.o. and competition horses).

The auction held at Fieracavalli will essentially focus on 2 and 3 year old horses that enjoy stronger appeal internationally because they can be viewed in morphological terms as well as in free jumping. It is precisely the jumping trials that makes it easier for potential buyers to assess the quality of the foal. The auction will implement a kind of hybrid sale. It will therefore take place at Fieracavalli but can also be followed online by all potential customers.