November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

19 October 2022

Western adrenaline

The best of American stud races for an engaging Westernshow

Two weekends to meet the needs of all fans for speed and stock races: let’s see some of them together!

Barrel Racing (literally “barrel race”) and Pole Bending (slalom between 6 poles) initially invented by American cow-girls who wanted to spend time having fun while their men were engaged in rodeo . The fun activity quickly became competition and not just for women. A discipline that involves energy, fast and snappy horses, great concentration for a few seconds in which barrels and stakes must absolutely not fall.

An arena, three riders, thirty calves and a minute to isolate three with the only help of a horse and bring them to the “pen”, the fence located in the center of the field; intuition, speed, adrenaline, these are the characteristics of Team Penning which also implies the ability to know how to “play” in a team. The greater the harmony between the three riders, the less time they will manage to complete their competition.

And again, the working cow horse, a discipline consisting of three herd work, rein work, cow work tests, where the rider must work with his horse and his cattle. In these competitions the matching of the combination must be perfect and the horse must have a great “cow sense”, that is, the ability to work with calves by separating one from the herd and then working it in the arena.

Westernshow: a world to discover!