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“When the neighing of horses is a cure”

22 November 2021

Fourth Carla Guglielmi National Award for research and study dedicated to horse-assisted therapy

The bond between Fieracavalli and the Fevoss Santa Toscana Foundation is by now well-consolidated. The winners of the National Carla Guglielmi Award were announced today on the stand of the Veneto Region in Hall 4 in the presence of the Councillor Stefano Valdegamberi and the Vice President of Veronafiere Matteo Gelmetti.

The award, dedicated to Carla Guglielmi, an esteemed professor of Literature at the Pasoli Technical Institute in Verona who passed away at the end of 2016, was established by the Fevoss Santa Toscana Foundation with Fieracavalli as recognition for a degree or doctoral thesis highlighting the extraordinary relationship between people and horses, as well as to research in the field of horse-assisted therapy. De

The jury ­­- Angelo Pasi, top management of the Fevoss Santa Toscana Foundation and Fieracavalli, veterinarians, university professors and the former director of the Pasoli institute – after having viewed documents entered from all over Italy, awarded first prize to Elena Maria Rovati, 25 years old from Milan, who will receive a scholarship worth 1,500 euros. She won the grant with her master’s degree thesis in Developmental Psychology and Protection Processes titled “Assisted Therapy with Animals: the bond at the heart of well-being and adaptation” discussed at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.

Yet given the high level of the entries received, Angelo Pasi also decided to assign a special mention with a scholarship worth 500 euros to Sharon Moles, 25 from Malonno, with a degree thesis in Nursing titled “Equestrian Rehabilitation in the Main Neuropsychiatric Disorders in the Developmental Age: Analysis of the Literature”, discussed at the University of Brescia.


After the award ceremony, the book titled “Il Nitrito che Cura” edited by Alfredo Dal Corso and Franco Larocca, in collaboration with Fieracavalli, was also presented. The book is a scientific summary of the most significant research experiences seen in the first three years of this award.

Inasmuch, the world of horses is not only sport and life in the open air, but also sensitivity and solidarity. This book demonstrates how horses can become valid help for humans in overcoming difficulties.