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Winning Round against cancer

18 September 2020

A team of horsemen supporting cancer research

The Winning Round project has set itself a noble and ambitious goal: provide effective help to cancer research, especially in paediatric fields. Winning Round developed from an idea of Fabrizio Bonciolini and Michaela Morriello and the experience gained through the portal and facebook group “Equideando – the home of ideas for present and future horse riding”. Equideando works together with the “Le Lame Horse Centre” in Montefalco, where two international competitions (one CSI4* and one 2*) and the “Lorenzo Attili Memorial” will take place. Within the scope part of these three events, Equideando will also raise funds for the “Daniele Chianelli Committee For Life” Association, a non-profit organisation which helps find funds to allocate to cancer research, especially in paediatric fields, and maintain a reception facility built by the association itself, offering free hospitality for the families of children hospitalised in the oncology department of Perugia Hospital, a world-class centre for excellence in the treatment of leukaemia. Winning Round has set up a team of twenty riders who will compete from 1 September 2020 until 31 December 2021 and donate a percentage of their winnings (5%) to the Association.  This team will also be flanked by technical supporters who, in turn, will donate part of the proceeds from the sale of some of their products dedicated to the initiative. And Fieracavalli could hardly not become involved in such a noble project! During the event in Verona, a CSI3 wild card* will be assigned to a rider taking part in the Winning Round project!