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Zarathustra: the majestic horse of Federico Ferrarini

22 November 2020

The veronese artist's painting installation

“Zarathustra”, within the equestrian-themed exhibition Art & Cavallo 2020, is the painting installation presented as an independent project by Federico Ferrarini. A majestic and proud Arab horse, which stands on a trapezoidal banner almost seven meters high which is meant to be the symbol of a long-awaited rebirth, after this critical period.

Part of the project also the architect Federica Crestani for the structural concept, the curator Beatrice Marciani for the critical presentation and the technical sponsors Lab20, Spazio Visibile and Dolci Colori.


“2020, the beginning of a new era when our tiny, but omnipotent Ball-Earth, has been invaded by an invisible and sly demon who forced us, like horses, to lockdown in our physical and mental stalls. The slow but progressive sensation of restlessness grip us, associate to an irrepressible desire to pour out our basic instincts, who define human beings like the most contradictory category of social animals. The joyful hope to play again with our Ball-Earth is inside us, but with the perception to be suspended on a woolen yarn, like a tightrope walker, ready to crash in the phantasmagory and cruel terrestrial circus or to soar towards new and unexplored metaphysics horizons. The horse, this human beast free of human’s social rules, wants to scream our craving need of freedom through the Ball-Earth that we have, like him, the right and the duty to keep turning around.”Beatrice Marciani