Man and Horse, a winning combination, which also overcomes the difficulties.

There are many initiatives promoted by Fieracavalli that highlight the privileged role of the man-horse relationship in overcoming limits and difficulties. Born in 2018, the Riding in the Blue project promotes and enhances the benefits of assisted therapy with the horse in children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition to strengthening motor potential, assisted therapy with the horse stimulates the intellectual faculties and allows you to move the inner world, arousing empathy and promoting awareness of your ego. In 2020 the vision of the project expanded with the birth of Equiarte, in synergy with the laboratory of Art Therapy Rehabilitation for the acquired disability. But it does not end here, there are many social projects that Fieracavalli is looking forward to letting you discover!

Riding the Blue: the 2020 project starts at Corte Molon

After the special path activated during the last edition in November 2019, Fieracavalli continues the supporting activity with horses in order to help children and teenagers with autism.
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“Horse for autism” with Riding the Blue

Fieracavalli's ethical-social project for children with ASD presented at Borgo Trento Hospital in Verona
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Riding the Blue – Un cavallo per amico

A crowd-funding campaign launched by Fieracavalli to achieve official recognition of horse therapy as a treatment for for autismspectrum syndrome
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Giardino dei Tigli: the power of art in overcoming disabilities

An Art Therapy workshop for guests of the “Giardino dei Tigli” community in Altavilla Vicentina visiting Fieracavalli today.
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“When the neighing of horses is a cure”

Fourth Carla Guglielmi National Award for research and study dedicated to horse-assisted therapy
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Art&Cavallo Lab

The results of the Fieracavalli and Santa Giuliana Hospital project to help adolescents with psychiatric disorders outlined
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See you at the124th edition of Fieracavalli from 3th to 6th November 2022!

Closed the 123th edition of Fieracavalli. 100,000 visitors over two weekend
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Social inclusion is already a reality for women riders

The equestrian world has seen women achieve room for themselves
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