November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

6 April 2022

Arabian Purebred

Intelligent, vigorous and elegant with a lively character, Arabian horses have always been among the protagonists at Fieracavalli.

Arabian horses boast very ancient origins. Muhammad was the first among the Arab peoples to understand the importance of rearing this breed of horses in purity and handed down this philosophy to his followers, turning it all but into a religious obligation.

The breed was perfect over the centuries, thereby obtaining an extremely versatile horse. The climate, feeding and strict selection – both natural and artificial – all contributed towards creating a horse with exceptional qualities. Arabian horses are extremely frugal, resilient and fast.

Over the following centuries, Arabian horses spread to Europe in the wake of Saracen incursions or because they were imported by reigning European monarchs or noble families who recognised in Arabians the incomparable need to improve other breeds, in terms of endurance, speed and blood-line alike.

Many special characteristics distinguish Arabians today.

The Arabian horse has an unmistakably beautiful head with a snub profile, a wide, round forehead, large and expressive eyes, well set and spaced ears. The nostrils are large, slim and distinctive, with a great capacity for dilatation always on the move, just like the eyes and ears. The muzzle is small with slim lips. The neckline, throat and neck form another very typical and extremely beautiful whole. The tail is carried with great elegance high and away from the body. The rump is well shaped and extremely powerful. The limbs have well detached tendons and solid ligaments, as well as powerful muscles.

Arabians are famous for their gentleness, patience and trust, with very fine sense of hearing, an extraordinary sense of orientation and an excellent memory. Relaxed and quick in movement, Arabians withstand fatigue and hunger and adapt easily to any climate. They have an excellent temperament despite their indomitable character which, combined with style, beauty and his unquestionable charm, ensure that they are truly unique horses.