November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

12 October 2022

The Munich-Verona equestrian raid is back – the Fieracavalli project promoting slow and sustainable tourism

The Munich-Verona equestrian raid set off on Sunday 9 October from the famous Marienplatz in Munich. The project promoted by Fieracavalli and Veronafiere returns 17 years after the last edition to raise awareness about n the therapeutic benefits of horses and to promote slow and sustainable tourism.


The itinerary of more than 600 km between Munich and Verona – home to 124th Fieracavalli – will see horses and riders travel around 20-25 km/day to reach Verona on 3 November, the opening day of the equestrian event.


The project, which first and foremost seeks to celebrate horses as a natural bridge between people and nature as well as a means of raising awareness of various forms of disability, recalls two important figures in the equestrian world: Mario Palumbo, editor of Cavallo Magazine, and Roberto Gobbi, former sales director at Veronafiere and the creator of the modern Fieracavalli.


Collaboration with the National Association of Bardigiana Horse Breeders and ANAREAI ensures that the raid will promote Italian breeding and its livestock heritage. It will also provide support for vulnerable people, thanks to the donation of four Bardigiano horses which, at the end of the event, will help inmates, women victims of violence and children with Autism Spectrum Syndrome or other pathologies in centres dedicated to Animal Assisted Interventions.


The four riders of Natura & Cavallo, partner of Turismo Equestre, accompanied by Horse Adventure, will alternate along the route to prevent the horses becoming too tired. Close attention to animal welfare will also be ensured by the constant presence of veterinarians and farriers as well as welcoming boxes at each stage. There will also be rest days along the route, taken is entirely at walking pace.


Fieracavalli, with this journey on horseback backed up only by hybrid vehicles, seeks to emphasise how a return to a different, slow and environmentally friendly tourism is possible thanks to these noble animals – the promoter of smiles for vulnerable people as well as ambassadors of local areas.