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Gold Gala – Dreams

The entertainment highlight at Fieracavalli

On 7, 8 and 9 November, FieraCavalli hosts the Gold Gala – the equestrian performance event animating the evenings in Verona at the end of show days dedicated to horses. Three unique evenings with carousels, dressage and free-rein performances combine with music, dance and equestrian theatre to take audiences into the world of Dreams: the show directed by Antonio Giarola is certain to enchant audiences.


And this evening event is made all the more special thanks to many guests of the calibre of Alex Giona, returning from an international tour, with his free rein horses and Santi Serra Camps. Verona will also welcome the for the first time the comedy trio The Horseman and soloist Alizée Froment with a new set titled Angelus.


Magical atmospheres and rousing music will come to the fore thanks to two equestrian theatre performances with dance curated by Cavallo & Company and a number of students from the Gala d’Oro Academy directed by Dario Milanese. Other exponents will especially include Giuseppe Cimarosa, in a role as an equestrian actor, Loretta Minollini, Clizia Moffa with a carousel of eight mujeres in “doma vaquera” style – the Equestrian Salice Groupnot forgetting the Italian tradition with Gruppo Italiano Attacchi and the Maremma cowboy work mount tradition with the Tolfetano Horse Riders and Breeders Association. Lastly, “live” performances by violinist Virtuoso Artale must also be mentioned.