November 2rd-5th, 2023

Verona, November 2rd-5th, 2023

13 April 2022

Quarab horses at Fieracavalli

An eclectic horse combining all the qualities of its origins

Agility, stamina and beauty. Sturdy, hard-working and stable. Quarab horses are an eclectic breed that combines the qualities of its “parents”: Arabian, Quarter and Paint horses.

The Quarab was first recorded in 1953 when an Arab stallion and a Quarter Horse sired the first filly cross between the two breeds.

Over time, growing numbers of lovers of the equestrian world began to pay attention to the characteristics of this splendid breed: recognition and consolidation of the Quarab as a separate breed was consequently the next and natural step.

The International Quarab Horse Association (IQHA) was founded in 1999. Yet it was only in 2006 that Quarabs also came to the fore in Italy. The Italian Quarab Horse Association (AICQA) was founded in that year and in 2012 established its own Quarab Stud Book. Today, after the closure of the IQHA, AICQA is an international association and has about 200 registered specimens located all over the world.


Quarab horses show their potential in sporting and competitive contexts with highly respectable performances in western disciplines and, thanks to the Arab component, in endurance events. Sturdy, agile, courageous and fast, Quarab horses are also the ideal companion for equestrian tourism. For a short ride or a demanding trek, they are reliable horses for enjoying outdoor time together.

And not only that: At Fieracavalli, Quarab horses are also demonstrating all their skills in training potential and elegance. Area A and Hall 1 see the six Quarabs attending the show – two horses and four foals – as the protagonists of equestrian demonstrations and shows with artist Rudj Bellini.